About The Department of English

The Department of English of BIU started its journey from Spring Semester, 2007 with about 62 students. It offers a four-year BA (Honours) programme in English Language and Literature consisting of 44 courses of 132 credits which include 34 core courses of 102 credits and 10 General Education Courses of 30 credits. The core courses include Language Skills, English Grammar, Linguistics, English Literature, American Literature, Classics in translation, Literary Criticism and Theory, Western Philosophy, etc. The GED courses include courses on Islam, Bangla Language and Literature, Bangladesh Studies, Computer, Basic Sciences, etc. In addition, it offers a one-year MA (Final) programme consisting of 12 courses of 30 credits. These courses cover British, Continental and Commonwealth literatures along with ELT courses.

A team of highly dedicated and experienced faculty members spare no pains in bringing the best out of the students’ potentials for their creative power, critical thinking and aesthetic sensibility. True to its belief that perfection comes with practice, the department regularly organizes training and workshops for the faculty members so that the latter can become more expert in their jobs that can, in its turn, help students become more efficient learners.

Keeping up with a commitment to producing high quality graduates, the department has mobilized all the necessary resources for its students such as competent teachers and other facilities. Over the last 12 years the department has imparted education to 35 batches of MA and 26 batches of BA students most of whom, having graduated with brilliant results and in-depth learning, have entered various professional sectors and doing well there. It also takes special care to provide the best logistic support and sophisticated teaching aids in maximizing the rate of learning success particularly in language. Besides, the department is very keen on organizing various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as debate competitions, impromptu speeches, study tours, games and sports, cultural programmes, seminars, workshops and religious ceremonies so as to enable the students to grow more mature physically, mentally, intellectually and morally as well.

Why you should enrol in the Department of English:

  1. It holds one of the best examples of creating a friendly and interactive classroom ambience for students.
  2. Here the facilitator is not ‘a sage on the stage but a guide beside’.
  3. The separate classrooms and class schedules for male and female students are one feature that automatically brings a holistic discipline in the classrooms.
  4. Located in the midst of lush greenery, the University offers a spectacular sight that fascinates the students and enhances their creativity.
  5. Every batch of students and almost every single student are under the direct supervision of a dedicated faculty member working as a students’ adviser.

Aims and Objectives

We seek to foster knowledge and a love of language and literature in our students. To this end we, first, provide students with a coherent curricular framework and relevant as well as well-structured course choices. Second, we teach students to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills effectively. Then we teach a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. Next, we encourage students to think deeply and reflect on what they have learnt. Finally, we encourage a love of learning and an appreciation for a liberal education.

In addition, we emphasize that the students should practise simultaneously the moral and ethical values in their life so that they can grow into true humans and perfect citizens.