Bangladesh Islami University is the outcome of the vision and the brainchild of Principal Sayed Kamaluddin Abdullah Zafree, who is the Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees, Bangladesh Islami University. It was his long-cherished dream to set up a ‘City of Moral Education, Effective Learning & Culture’. The dream turned into a reality when Bangladesh Islami University was established on 06 September 2005.

Department of Business Administration (DBA) is the largest department of BIU. This department believes in the best in all aspects of academic arena.  So, continues efforts in capacity development of teachers, syllabi, teaching methodology, academic research etc. are ever going concepts of DBA. This department is equipped with a full set of teachers from Lecturer to Professor with multi dimensions of Business Education having degrees from reputed universities from home and abroad. They are highly dedicated to provide professional quality business education with moral touch to make our students into real resources for the nation & globe.

The department welcomes you to the evergreen campus of Bangladesh Islami University. Green is the symbol of life, a radiant and vibrant life that form the core of human existence and civilization; and exactly that is what we all are here involved in our dreams and deeds.

Department also believes engaging our students in their educational journey because we know that students’ success is increased when they are active in the learning process. We at Bangladesh Islami University are committed to provide quality education with morality and facility for the career you are chosen to pursue. To achieve these, we continuously update our courses and syllabi, keeping in view the changing needs of different professions, industries and social landscape as such.

Bangladesh Islami University is a renowned university with the mark of its magnificent progress. Both teachers and students spontaneously participate in different curricular and co-curricular Bangladesh Islami University programs to make the university as ‘a centre of excellence’. Discover the university for yourself; explore the opportunities to develop your potentials into reality.

All the best wishes for you.
Prof. M. Arshed Ali Matubber. Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Business Studies & Chairman,
Department of Business Administration, BIU