The department of English, Bangladesh Islami University, under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, was opened in 1st February 2007 with about 62 students. Over the last 09 years, the department has grown considerably. We have now 10 male regular and 06 female regular and 06 part-time faculty members including two Professors and about 800 students.

The courses we offer include a 4 year BA Honours in English Language and Literature and MA in English Language and Literature. All undergraduate students are required to do as many as fourteen language and linguistics courses. This we do because we find that the overwhelming majority of the students come to the university having very low proficiency in English. We leave no stone unturned to raise their language base to an acceptable level of proficiency. We take special care to develop their verbal and written skills, so that they can pursue their literature courses with pleasure and profit. The literature courses, forming the major part of syllabus, include British and continental literature. The Master of Arts Program in English includes British, continental and Commonwealth literature along with ELT courses. In teaching literature care is taken to develop the students’ analytical, creative and critical powers. It also includes research work with a view to developing the students’ ability to carry out research in the area of their interest. In carrying out our academic program we follow participatory method, group works, class presentation, class tests, assignments etc.

Side by side with academic programs; we also implement extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as study tours, games and sports, cultural programs, seminars, workshops and religious programs. Our objective in doing all this is to develop the students’ physical, intellectual and moral faculties.

We feel happy to say that our English graduates are fairly well placed in various professional careers. They are doing well in the job markets.