“There is no alternative except applying the Islamic principles of life to prevent the current social unrest on earth.”

The Department of Islamic Studies is one of the leading departments of Bangladesh Islami University. The department is being continuously motivated to educate quality education in the fields of Islam —- Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Economics, Islamic Political System, Islamic Culture and Civilization, Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance, Islamic Jurisprudence, Comparative Religion, Public Administration in Islam and other broader areas of Shari‘ah.

Muslims across the globe have been suffering sternly in the fields of politics, culture, economics and education as they are living in the hostile societies. Muslims in Bangladesh are also coexisting with alien culture where they are losing their faith and unaware of the historical legacy of Islam. Even, majority of the believers do not know how to practice Islam in everyday life. In this backdrop, the department has accumulated the best talents in Islamic Fiqh and Shari‘ah to mould the people according to Islamic values. Besides, the department nurses the pupils to become honest, responsible and dignified human beings to fill the thrust of time.

I wish the department will arrange all resources available to provide quality education to the knowledge seekers.


Prof. Dr. A.N.M. Rafiqur Rahman
Department of Islamic Studies